International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Sciences (ISAIMS 2020)
Prof. Ying-Min Chen

Prof. Ying-Min Chen


Prof. Ying-Min Chen

Jiading District Central Hospital, Shanghai, China

Speech Tilte: The basis and significence of remote ECG 


Deaths from cardiovascular diseases account for more than 40% of deaths from diseases in the population, ranking first, higher than cancer and other diseases. Since 2004, the annual growth rate of hospitalization expenses of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has been over 30%, which is much higher than the  growth of GDP (over 6%).The risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in China are generally exposed, and the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases in rural areas is continuously higher than that in urban areas in recent years. The number of cardiovascular diseases will continue to increase rapidly over the next 10 years, especially in rural areas. Hence, urgent demand to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseasesdue to increasing cardiovascular burden. Remote ECG diagnostic  platform is a breakthrough. Remote ECG monitoring system consists 4 components:clinet, internet(4G/5G), cloud server, workstation at administration center. This system have a positive influence on the diagnosis of ECG.